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The Ria Bella Story

Hello, my name is Maria Danielle I am the founder & owner of Ria Bella Skin & Spa LLC. I am a licensed massage therapist and esthetician specializing in self-care & waxing. 
As I’ve grown older & have dealt with experiences that impacted my self-awareness & self esteem, I’ve become very dedicated and conscientious about mental & physical health & wellness. Over the years I’ve learned the importance of self care & how a simple act of self care/kindness can change your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual being. This is why Ria Bella Skin & Spa LLC was founded- to help uplift & motivate men & women to take care of their bodies & see the positive impact it will have on their present & future bodies.
Ria Bella Skin & Spa offers facials, massages & waxing. Each & every treatment is specifically designed for each client catering to their specific need & working towards a positive end result. As a licensed esthetician & massage therapist professional, continuing education is significantly needed & required. Ria Bella Skin & Spa is Dermalogica Certified, PCA Certified, Skin Script Certified & Barbicide COVID-19 Certified ensuring that all steps & procedures have been met to provide a full understanding of products used in the spa. Ria Bella Skin & Spa is also a Skin Script Retailer offering products online & in store available for pick up. 

Ria Bella Skin & Spa hopes to motivate people to feel empowered in their skin, embrace themselves, eager to live life freely. With the help of Ria Bella Skin & Spa LLC, we will encourage & help guide you into a better skin & self care journey. Thank you for choosing Ria Bella Skin & Spa!

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